SHERLOCK Paper Figures


So I’ve been making these paper figures for myself for a while (they’re lining the walls of my studio), and I thought I’d make them available to everyone else.  For free. Every Monday.  Print the figures out yourself on your own printer, or you can take them to your local print shop (that’s what I do) for the best quality.

I figured I’d start with a set of figures from the BBC show SHERLOCK, given that if it weren’t for that marvelous show I probably wouldn’t be on tumblr in the first place.

I don’t usually do backgrounds for these, but this set comes with a Baker Street diorama, because come on, Baker Street.

Anyway, click here to download the print file.  It’s a little shy of 27MB, which isn’t HUGE, but it’s probably better suited to a laptop or a desktop than a phone.  If you want to get OTHER paper figure sets, just go to the paper figure page at and pick out the set(s) you want (more of these will pop up each Monday, so check back each week or follow to see what’s new).

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