HARRY POTTER Paper Figure Set


This week’s paper figure set is certainly the most grandiose: there are fifty-five figures total.  Presenting, the characters of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, for you to download, print out, and assemble yourself!  Absolutely free, of course.  Click here to download the file.  Depending on your browser, you may need to right click and choose “save link as.”  It’s big - 66mb, I think - so don’t do it on your phone unless you’ve got a heck of a data plan.

I put a new figure set up every Monday.  Feel free to check out the other ones.

Except in the cases of the Defense Against the Dark Arts professors, each of whom is depicted roughly during their tenure as a teacher, everyone is more or less circa the sixth Harry Potter novel, The Half Blood Prince.  ‘Cause I wanted all the kids in their school clothes.  It’s just more iconic to me.

I tried to stay away from the movie’s visuals as much as possible, but was unable to do so in the case of Voldemort.  The book’s “red eyes” combined with the green of the Adava Kedavra curse made him look way too Christmasy, and the film design  was so, so good.  I gave him snake lips and longer fingers/toes, but otherwise it’s pretty much the movie version.  Likewise, Sirius Black has a mustache rather than a bear, another nod to an excellent film design decision.  Otherwise, though, I think the choices are mostly my interpretations of Rowling’s descriptions.

Oh!  There’s an exclusive figures that you can’t get here!  Moaning Myrtle is at School Library Journal’s GOOD COMICS FOR KIDS section.

EDIT: The file I posted on Monday, October 15th didn’t have Buckbeak… another site was going to run it (I thought), but didn’t, so it’s in the main file now.  If you DIDN’T get Buckbeak before, but downloaded the rest of it already, here’s that file.

• Also, I totally misspelled “Weasley” on the twins and Ginny (though got it right on Ron and the parents).  I’m terrible at spelling names, especially by  hand (no spell check), but luckily these two were on the same sheet.  It’s fixed in the main file, but if you’ve already printed these then here’s a single-sheet replacement.


Anyone who reblogs this will be eligible to win in a random drawing.  The contest is open until the end of October.  Likes don’t count.

• First Prize - a professionally printed set of the Harry Potter Figures AND an original watercolor drawing of the Harry Potter character of your choice

• Second Prize - a professionally printed set of the Harry Potter characters

And ‘cause none of us would know about fun stuff were it not for the folks that shared it with us, the people from whom the winners reblogged will win, too!

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